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Femslashex 2014 Dear Author or Artist Letter

Hello, person filling my thing for [community profile] femslashex! I do hope this is an adequate pile of information for your filling purposes.

Things I do like:
Angst within reason
Smut's totally cool
Slice of life

Things I would rather not see:
Overwrought angst for the sake of it
Unnecessary sadness - so much femslash stuff out there is tragic already, I would prefer happy things.
Extreme kinks in general

I'm generally easy to please outside of those things!


Christine/Veronica - For this, I'm mostly interested in it being pre-game stuff before Elijah ruined everything. The happy stuff, primarily. Perhaps being sneaky in whatever bunker they're stationed in, doing small things for each other that mean a lot, or breaking protocol to get some time to themselves outside, or whatever strikes your fancy.

Cass/Veronica - Knowing Cass, this would likely be alcohol-induced and not all that romantic, but I'm quite open to being proven wrong.

Sarah/Veronica - Something of a super-ideal happy ending for Veronica, namely going east and winding up with Elder Lyons' Brotherhood detachment since they operate the way she wishes that the Mojave chapter would. Get in there, get settled in, be all "damn life is good" and then oh no the Elder's daughter is hot.

Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town

Elli/Mary - I see these two as being a somewhat nerdy pair, as Elli often studies books for her nurse duties, and since Mary runs the library, and likely handles ordering new books for the town, there's a little springboard there. Generally Elli is the type to dote and fret over people working too hard, but I could see Mary being the one doing that in this pair since Elli tends to think she's not doing things good enough for the doctor at times and thus pushes herself harder.

Claire/Elli - Hardworking farmer and the doting nurse practically writes itself, especially with the fact that you can literally overwork yourself in the game and wake up in the doctor's office with Elli and Trent watching over you. If going this route, bonus points if it's post-marriage and Claire's wanting to make sure she's being a good provider for their family, which includes Elli's grandmother and brother.

Ann/Mary - Culinary tomboy and shy librarian pair! Ann is a fairly good cook, and I can see her going to the library a lot to get more recipes from cookbooks, and a relationship could be built on that. Cute giftgiving could go both ways here as well!

League of Legends

Caitlyn/Vi - The good cop and the bad cop, essentially. (Though Caitlyn may have the propensity to also be a bad cop going by some of her in-game dialogue.) I'm really not picky here - fluff, smut, fluffy smut, whatever. I do have a slight weakness for Vi managing to let the goofball tough act down enough to get sentimental, though.

Leona/Lux - Leona is the Radiant Dawn, and Lux is the Lady of Luminosity. They both have similar passive abilities, and excel at crowd control. I could definitely see this as for lack of a better term, a senpai/kouhai thing with Leona being the guiding party. Could also be a fair amount of hurt/comfort involved because while they both have a background of being trained to fight as kids, Leona is a Warrior Race lady and Lux was, ah, kind of brutally programmed to be a loyal soldier. Lots of good potential there.

Fiora/Riven - Polar-opposite sword-wielders that are members of rival nations! Fiora favors a rapier, while Riven uses a magic blade more at home in Cloud Strife's hands. Fiora favors skill and technique, while Riven was brought up knowing that all that mattered was power. However, Riven has had second thoughts about her loyalty to her country, and that could be a catalyst here. However, I only ask that Riven is not depicted as someone quick to subservience and is easily pushed around as is far too common in fanworks. (And for that matter, please don't make Fiora a sneering dominatrix either, that's kinda common as well.) Lots of banter would be great, as I could see Fiora talking shit about Riven's big clumsy sword and how it lacks elegance, and Riven countering about how Fiora lacks strength and takes the coward's way of going for openings.

Ahri/Leona - Not even gonna lie, this is just based on the A New Dawn cinematic where Leona was supporting Ahri, and took one hell of a blow for her, and then saved her during the climax. Ahri repaying Leona's favor in particular ways would be lovely.

Karma/Syndra - Something of a teacher/student thing with this, with Karma attempting to teach Syndra balance and how to control all this power she has, with Syndra being eternally frustrated and feeling like she's being restricted.

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

Malon/Zelda - Princess and farm girl trope like whoa up in this pair. Post-game works, as does mid-game, as Zelda using Lon Lon Ranch as something of a safe haven now and then when running around as Sheik and getting found by Malon is super relevant to my interests.

Ruto/Zelda - Really not much to this in my mind outside of pairing princesses and sages. They didn't really interact outside of Sheik rescuing Ruto before you hit the Water Temple, and even then you don't get to see it, but I think they could be cute together, since Zelda tends toward humility while Ruto is rather...opinionated.

Nabooru/Ruto - Either exploring the princess and thief dynamic or what they do to pass the time as Sages would be good with me. When I was nominating, this tag popped up and I was like "oh hey that'd be neat".

Impa/Nabooru - Two sneaky ladies that go better together! One catching the other doing recon in the first's territory could work, or like with Ruto, something taking place during their time as Sages.

Nabooru/Zelda - I've seen some fanworks that explore the idea of "what if Nabooru captures Sheik while wounded during the seven year period and finds out it's Zelda and they bond over fighting Ganondorf?" and this greatly intrigues me.


Lina/Amelia - These two are super-tight in canon, and there's plenty to work with for an interesting relationship. Amelia's former hero-worship of Lina, Lina's tendency to take advantage of Amelia's access to royal funds... It'd probably be rather dysfunctional, but it'd be cute.

Lina/Sylphiel - There's a lot more respect and seriousness in Lina and Sylphiel's interactions than with most of the cast, likely due to the fact that Sylphiel only shows up in the series when shit's super serious.

Lina/Naga - I don't usually care for hatemance and the ilk, but this pair is my exception. Also, Naga was totally in lesbians with Lina back in the day, totally.

Ace Attorney

Adian/Franziska - I just want Adrian trying to awkwardly do cute things for Franziska and Franzy be all stiff and awkward about trying to figure out how to react to it. CUTE AWKWARD FLUFF ALL AROUND.

Mia/Lana - I wanna see that "intellectual attraction" in action. Something spawned from a study session.

Things that weren't nominated: or, THE CROSSOVER SECTION.

Samus Aran [Metroid] /Princess Zelda - Specifically Ocarina of Time Zelda, post-game ending after she's sent Link back and is working on trying to rebuild Hyrule, this odd dashing stranger literally crashes into her world and eventually winds up being Zelda's bodyguard. They're both messed-up orphans tasked with a huge pain in the ass destiny, and them trying to help each other out with their own issues would be great.

Lina Inverse [Slayers]/Sayaka Miki [Madoka Magica] - I'm not even sure there's a logical way to make this ship work, but I just want all the bickering and backhanded compliments and Lina trying to be protective after she figures out how Sayaka's powers work and getting called on it.

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