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General Knowledge For Contacting A Wingus

So this is a thing I thought would be a good idea. (Updated as of 7/29/2015)

If you need it for a reason, the IM services I use and my usernames are on my profile.

First of all, as of this writing, my job is full-time and I work it 1:30PM to 10PM, Central Standard Time, Monday through Friday. Unless I'm neglectful and forget it, I always take my phone to work with me and leave Trillian active - however, I have to leave my phone in a locker and I can only access it on my breaks (15 minutes) and lunch (30 minutes).

Be aware that I pretty much never remember to put up a Trillian status to the effect of "I'm at work". Also be aware that the reception at my job can be a little janky and sometimes it'll eat messages.

I will get plurk pings through the app, so that's an option, as are private plurks.

Once I get home, I'll fire up Skype for a few hours until I crash and for a couple hours before I go to work again.

As for weekends...

Saturdays I'm generally about, but if not, I've got my phone. Trillian is always on, Skype is intermittent unless I'm gonna be at a place for a while.

Sundays I'm home most of the day 9 times out of 10, though starting around 6PM CST is tabletop. I'm around, but expect me to be really distracted.

If you're after me for League of Legends, Saturdays are your best bet, but feel free to poke me on a Sunday, as sometimes tabletop is cancelled due to life things.

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