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Commission Post


I am a person who draws things, and you wonderful people out there on the internet, some of you like to buy things people draw. I believe that we can totally do some business. Wanna get your friend some art of their character, or some scene you both loved playing, or an icon (or few)? I can totally help you out with that!

$10 Sketches

These are fast, loose, easy to be done, and have the quickest turnaround, and hopefully, what I wind up doing the most of. You can get these done in a thematic monochrome color, very simple colors, or just greyscale if you choose.

Click for larger view.

$15 Lineart Doodles

A step up from the sketches, this is finished lineart, generally without any colors or shading - though some exceptions can be made for some special trim color in parts.


These are in incremental batches of five!
5 sketched - $5 | 5 lineart - $10 | 5 colored - $15
10 sketched - $10 | 10 lineart - $20 | 10 colored - $30
15 sketched - $15 | 15 lineart - $30 | 15 colored - $45

$20 Pseudo-Lineless Drawings

Something new, and with some color! It's something I've picked up recently, enjoyed doing, so I'm gonna add it to the repertoire here. These are, well. Colored images with a minimum of lines. You can opt to have them with or without shading, your choice. This style is also applicable to color icons, if you wish.

$20 Character Sheets

A one-side view of your character, with either a couple of extra headshots or character-specific detail shots thrown in as appropriate. Lineart plus flat colors with maybe a few effects thrown in depending on the character/their design.

More Elaborate Things

Now, while I'm primarily out to do things that are simple and such in the name of quick turnarounds, I'm totally up for bigger projects, but those take longer, and are priced on a case-by-case basis, usually starting around $25 and can change based on number of characters, complexity of the picture, etc. Due to their more involved nature, I'll only take on one at a time. I want to focus more on the simpler things that are quicker to do.

One other thing - there's a fair bit of Transformers stuff in these samples. If at all possible, I'd like to cut down on doing more Transformers-related stuff, save for Animated style stuff, in the interest of keeping things quick and simple for faster turnaround time. If you really, really want Transformers-related work, then okay - it'll just take longer to get done.

Some more important information!

  • How this goes is I will show you a sketch, get your approval, and go on - generally I'll not show anything again until the work is done and then show you a small version (like those examples above), then send the large version once I receive payment.

  • Please let me know if you don't want your picture to be shown off on the web - as long as there's no objections, I generally will use previous commission work for entries like this to give other customers an idea of what to expect.

  • Payment will be done once I'm finished. Payment is done through Paypal in USD. I'll be sending you an invoice for the transaction once we're done, and will need your paypal address for that.
  • Any questions, ask them in this entry, or contact me via AIM/Skype at callmewingus, via Dreamwidth PM, or email at iscalledwing(at)gmail(dot)com.

  • If you need more samples of my work, go browse through my deviantART gallery.

To request a commission, use one of those above methods, though AIM/Skype is preferable, as I prefer to discuss things real-time.


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Big Stuff Slots:

1. [Filled] - Jay

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