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So I had this dream where I was in some kind of oppressive setting. Well, there was some cracky stuff mixed in, but the general setting was some kind of campus. I'm guessing it was a place where stuff was assembled. Big factory-type building in the center, with dormitory-like buildings surrounding it. The atmosphere was one of dread and fear. The place and people all looked rather washed out, like it was lacking in color. Mostly greys and browns. (If anyone's played Resident Evil 4, it looked similar to the village you start out in, colorwise.) Not really run-down, but not in tip-top condition. There was a military force that stayed there to keep us in line. I think a number of us were planning to start a rebellion. Our plan would take a week to implement, as the guards would stay in each dorm for a week before rotating to the next one, with one squad having the week off. Whether there was a squad to guard the general campus, I don't know. The plan was to take out each squad in each building before the week was over, using their weapons to turn on our keepers. However, this didn't come to fruition in my dream. I don't think it even got started.

I remember that someone had died, and there was a funeral for the person, though something seemed off... A short time later, a number of us were in another building, and a cart crashes through the door, and into the back area of the building. It was carrying something that was on fire, and smelled really, really bad. Apparently the funeral was a sham, and someone had "misbehaved" to show the rest of us... as then we heard gunfire, and then I woke up. o.O


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